& Legal Documents  

No other industry understands the importance of having every contract, document and text written as precisely and clearly as possible, regardless of the circumstances. One wrong word or a missed comma, and a contract can be judged useless and procure unnecessary litigation.

& Business 

“Money talks”. If that’s true, then it better be understood in every language. Your business financial matters are kept confidential and handled by professionals.

& Marketing 

Creating an emotional advertising message that stays in the heart and minds of your target audience is a difficult process where creativity is a must. Transferring your message to a new audience, with a different culture in another language is even harder and requires more creativity.  

& Medicine 

In the field of medical and pharmaceutical translation, errors and inaccuracies are to be banned. They could cause serious consequences in terms of health, cost and credibility. Don’t entrust the translation of your medical documents to anyone!


All of us are involved within the automotive cycle, so whether you are a consumer, manufacturer, transportation provider... etc., rest assured that when linguistic and automotive industries cross; you are in safe and professional hands.  

Oil & Gas 

In a world that runs on fossil fuel, oil and gas industry is life to this world. Whether it involves exploration, extraction, refining, transportation or marketing of petroleum products, you have just made a great linguistic discovery in the oil and gas field. 

Banking & Insurance

People want to read information in their native language before buying a product, especially if it is an expensive product or service like investment funds or insurance policies. This is why working with experienced and highly-qualified translators is crucial. 

Tourism & Hospitality 

Tourism, hotels and hospitality are all fields requiring flawless product as they always provide a flawless 5 stars service. Marketing for 5 stars hotel, tourism and hospitality services requires to be presented in 5 stars linguistic services.

& Engineering 

It might seem that translation and engineering are not very compatible. A translator can have numerous roles in the engineering industry. He might be required to prepare detailed installation specifications and drawings in accordance with applicable industry standards and maintain allocated project schedules and planned budgets. 

& IT

No business companies can ignore the necessity of translation of its information resources into a variety of languages. This is where iTranslate steps forward to offer high quality IT translation services.

& Publishing

We love language and its subtle nuances. And the world of difference that they make between countries and cultures.