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Oil and gas, being the most important industry in the 20th century, major source of energy, forming 1/8 of the international trade, and more than %60 of the linguistic local market, iTranslate had to be a major part of it.

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If it involves oil and gas, we got you covered!

Whether you are involved in any of the oil and gas upstream, midstream or downstream categories, or involved in onshore or offshore exploration, extraction, refining or transporting of oil and gas, and in need of linguistic services, then you are just at the right place. 

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“As the Oil & Gas industry expands from the traditional markets of Russia and the Middle East into new hotspots such as Norway, Brazil, Algeria, and Venezuela, your communication methods must expand with these changes.”

As new technologies emerge, the oil and gas industry is growing worldwide. Beyond traditional locations in Russia and the Middle East, the oil and gas industry is expanding to new hot spots around the world, including Norway, Brazil, Algeria, Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico, Greenland, Indonesia and Angola to name just a few. As the industry expands, so does the need to communicate effectively in additional languages.

Language Scientific helps you communicate globally to all sectors of the oil and gas industry. As a full-service translation and localization company, we work in over 215 languages, including all the major European, Asian, American, African and Middle Eastern languages.

Oil and Gas Industry Professionals Rely on Our Translation and Localization Expertise

The Oil and Gas industries are very technical. You want to be sure that your translators understand the technology behind the text you want to localize. Our highly-trained technical translators and interpreters are not just linguists, but also hold advanced degrees and real work experience in the Oil and Gas industry, giving you peace of mind that your project transcends any language barriers.

At Language Scientific, we hold to the principle:
If You Don’t Understand It, You Cannot Translate It!

That is why we require all our translators, editors and proofreaders to have education, training and work experience in the Oil and Gas Industry matching the subject matter they translate. Our meticulous Quality Control system is the most thorough in the industry, with a system of checks and balances in place throughout the entire process—from the selection of project managers to the final proofreading of the translated document.

We work with a variety of industries under the oil, gas and mining umbrella, including:

  • Architecture

  • Health Safety and Environment

  •  Pipeline/Piping

  •  Civil Engineering

  •  Instrumentation

  •  Production

  •  Construction

  •  Mechanical

  •  Seismic

  •  Drilling

  •  Metallurgy

  •  Shale

  •  Exploration

  •  Mining

  •  Subsea

  •  Global Petroleum

  •  Petrochemical

  •  Telecommunications

Types of Oil and Gas Industry Documents and Services We Translate and Localize:

  • AutoCAD Drawings & Files

  •  Marketing Brochures

  •  RFPs

  •  Brochures

  •  MicroStation Files

  •  Service Manuals

  •  Catalogs

  •  Patents

  •  Technical Specifications

  •  Civil Engineering Documents

  •  Process Descriptions

  •  Training and User Manuals

  •  Diagnosis Manuals

  •  Production Documents

  •  Training Handbooks

  •  General Communications

  •  Proposals

  •  Website Translation

  •  HSE Reports

  •  Quality Procedures

  •  Well Reports

  •  Legal Documents