Tourism, Hotels & Hospitality 

“ With the ongoing rise in international tourism, it is essential for international travel providers to effectively advertise their services, accommodations and travel promotions to global travelers in an enticing yet informative way and in the language they speak.”

Today, the phenomenon of globalization affects all industries. By definition, the travel and tourism industry is reaping the benefits. While travel is becoming more accessible (with an increasing number of both travelers and destinations), tourism professionals need to communicate effectively—in several languages—with a growing number of clients and partners. 

In this context, materials used to promote internationalization include:

  • Brochures

  • Sales leaflets

  • Guides

  • Press releases

  • Websites

  • Press kits

  • Reports

  • Guided tours

  • Information bulletins

  • Audio tours

  • Contracts, terms and conditions of sale

In order to reach the widest possible audience, messages must be clear and effective. For tourism, it is particularly important to adapt communication to the specific characteristics of the target audience. Our tourism translation services perfectly meet these needs!

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