Advertising & Marketing

“Marketing translations require that all of the company’s messages be clearly understood and accurately adapted to fit the target market. There could be nothing worse for a marketing professional to have his materials, ad campaign or corporate message be inappropriately/inaccurately translated resulting in missed sales opportunities.”

iOur marketing translation covers a wide range of areas, all formats and any volume and complexity. Our marketing and advertising translations are consistently impeccable thanks to our creative translators and rigorous quality control.

Research shows that customers are more likely to buy a product if they can read its description and information about it in their own language. Translating and localizing your marketing and advertising materials for your target customers will give you an extra competitive edge as you conquer new markets. However, you should realize that marketing translation is a complex task, where creativity matters just as much as the linguistic skills of the translator.

At iTranslate, we collaborate with highly skilled and creative translators who are capable of delivering to you a high-quality translation of your marketing or advertising materials as you introduce your products to a new country. Our goal is to help you engage your foreign customers by correctly relaying your message in all your target languages.

We are ready to translate any volume of marketing and advertising material that you require and we guarantee a high standard. For your peace of mind, we can translate a short sample (about 200-300 words), and assign the translation task to the same translator who performed the sample translation.

 Here is a Sample of Marketing Materials We Translate:

  • Sales and promotional brochures and catalogues

  • Flyers

  • Packaging

  • Product and data sheets

  • Slogans, taglines and blurbs

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Business cards

  • Search engine keywords