As much simple it may look, it is actually very effective.

Why we invest in human resources?

Humans are the main pillar of linguistics. No machine, technology or any other creature can utilize, understand and feel language as humans do. Hence, iTranslate works on building the human capital in Egypt, required to provide linguistic services. Your trainig at iTranslate, is just first step in a long chain of training sessions, workshops and activities carried out at our headquarters.

What is our approach?

Simply, practical. Everything linguistic is learned by practice. Nothing else can teach you like doing it yourself in real world projects in real time. Your training at iTranslate will allow you to truly interact with real life scenarios and documents, linguistic teams and tools. You’ll touch what it means to be in a linguistic agency and witness the full cycle first-hand.

Why iTranslate for Training:

Understanding the local market

Trainees will be introduced to the local translation and linguistic market. Understanding the market, its requirements, and the parties involved in the translation process on a larger market-scale, makes the trainee well informed on how to plan his\her next move in the career.

Working on the mindset

Through our training, we work on the mindset of the trainee. Through different kinds of texts; the trainee learns how to thinks of the text, as it is much more important than just knowing the related vocabulary.

How to Deal with Problematic Texts?

Dealing with translation and linguistic issues that always form a problem.

Full-time Employment opportunity

iTranslate provides openings and a job opportunity for those who prove quick progress, learning and adaptation.

Assessment and Evaluation

At the end of training, trainees will be provided with an evaluation, that helps them determine their points of strengths and others of weakness, and what aspects they should address in the near future and how to achieve more progress to pursue their career.

Training Certificate

All our interns will be granted the internship certificate, stating the training they have received, their score and evaluation.

Our Courses

You can download our PDF guide from here.

Career Launch Package

24 hours (12 Sessions)

 ̷2̷4̷0̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷ 
2000 EGP
  • General knowledge on translation market
  • Practical workshops in 5 different fields
  • Research Tools
  • Introduction to SDL Trados
    • Tips and tricks

    • Questions & Answers

CAT Tools

10 hours (5 Sessions)

 ̷1̷2̷0̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷
1000 EGP
  • General knowledge on CAT Tools
  • SDL Trados Project Cycle
  • Translation Memories & Term Bases
  • Practical workshops
    • Tips and tricks

Legal Course

24 hours (12 Sessions)

 ̷2̷4̷0̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷ 
2000 EGP
  • Knowledge on legal translation requirements
  • Learn different legal styles
  • Legal research tools
  • Practical workshops on selected texts
    • Tips and tricks

Subtitling Course

24 hours (12 Sessions)

 ̷3̷6̷0̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷
3000 EGP
  • General knowledge on subtitling
  • Which subtitling software to use?
  • How to localize your subtitles?
  • Moral dilemmas in subtitling
  • Practical workshops on selected videos
  • How to become a Netflix qualified subtitler?
    • Tips and tricks

Voiceover Course

12 hours (6 Sessions)

 ̷4̷8̷2̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷
4000 EGP
  • Learn about the appropriate work environment for voice recording 
  • Sound software, equipment and microphones
  • Sound characteristics 
  • Learn about text issues 

Dubbing Course

12 hours (6 Sessions)

 ̷4̷8̷2̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷
4000 EGP

  • Prepare texts for dubbing
  • Dealing and standing in front of the mic 
  • Studio environment and conditions
  • How to use and apply sound layers?
  • Performing the actor's textual sentences

Sound Engineering Course

12 hours (6 Sessions)

 ̷4̷8̷2̷0̷ ̷E̷G̷P̷
4000 EGP

  • Properties and measurement units of sound
  • Pro Tools program
  • Learn about (Equalizer - Compressor - Expander Gate - Reverb)
  • Types of mics and how to use them
  • How to record an audio?
  • Mixing process
  • Adding sound effects and filters to audio

Is that all?

No, we always keep the best for last!
At the end of the introductory course, you will also have:

Assessment and Evaluation

Training Certificate

Scaling training level opportunity

Opportunity to be selected for
iTranslate in-house training internship (1 month)