Subtitling Workshop

Want to step into the world of Subtitling?

Before the Sambosk fight and Tarweeh Prayers, You can join our two Subtitling Workshops

Workshop 1: 

On Monday 4/3/2024

Workshop 2: 

 On Thursday 7/3/2024

Our offers

Subtitling Workshop

2 sessions

  • Apply rules of subtitling
  • Deal with different types of Subtitles
    • Use Subtitle Edit software
    • Transcribe videos
    •  Translate different kinds of films and series
    •  Create your own sample from "ماوراء الطبيعة" Series.

What More?

1- Get iTranslate widely recognized certification.

2- Have the opportunity to join our subtitling team.

3- Get recommended for other subtitling platforms.