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Why iTranslate for Training

Understanding the Local Market

Dealing with Problematic Texts

Assessment and Evaluation

Working on the Mindset of the Trainee

Full-time Employment Opportunity

Training Certificate

Courses & Workshops

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Ultimate Translator Package

Get familiar with everything you need to be a great translator!

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Learn about the field holding the biggest share in the market!

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An essential asset to every smart translator nowadays.

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& Subtitling

Learn to translate video dialogues  into professional subtitles!

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Voice Over

Form your own voice character! Record & edit like a pro!

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Practical training within the most professional dubbing studios!

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Sound Engineering

Record, edit, mix and create your audio content!

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UN Translation

Training on UN texts' translation techniques and strategies.


Looking for an internship?

We're hiring!

Looking for an internship?
We're hiring!

Humans are the main pillar of linguistics. No machine, technology, or any other creature can utilize, understand and feel the language as humans do...

Hence, iTranslate works on building the human capital in Egypt, required to provide linguistic services. Your training at iTranslate is just the first step in a long chain of training sessions, workshops and activities carried out at our headquarters.

Our Approach

Simply, practical. Everything linguistic is learned by practice. Nothing else can teach you like doing it yourself in real-world projects in real-time. Your training at iTranslate will allow you to truly interact with real-life scenarios and documents, linguistic teams, and tools. You’ll touch on what it means to be in a linguistic agency and witness the full cycle first-hand.

Here are some things that make working with us great:

  • You will be considered a full member of the team from Day One.

  • We are a team where everyone —including interns— is respected and treated equally;

  • We provide a place for personal and professional growth. Working with a diverse group of colleagues and collaborators in an array of different policy areas widens your horizons and gives you the chance to develop valuable skills;

  • We use cloud-based team collaboration tools, which allow us to work efficiently, keep in close contact, and strengthen our community despite frequent travel and different locations.

We are looking for our next intern!

The internship period will be for up to six months.