Content Management

Running an effective and community-engaging web site is not an easy task. The primary method of e-marketing and better rankings in search engines; and what most visitors will value about your website, is the unique and informative content. iTranslate steps in with its 'Content Writing' service to offer a reliable service and unique and valuable content.

Moreover, the produced content is carefully set to contain and focus on your primary keywords - based on our keyword research and suggested keywords' list to keep your website optimized for search engines (SEO) bring your website to the top ranks.

Our linguistic knowledge makes us capable of writing and rewriting your content in a way that conveys your message in one or more languages. We carefully study your message, goals of creating a website, your business nature and most major competitors. Finally, we take your notes, suggestions and even wishes into account and incorporate them in our plan of action and studies. We know the challenge, and we have mastered it!