Voice Over Course

Form your own voice character... Record & edit like a pro!

Next Round: Sep 2022

Registration deadline: Aug. 30, 2022

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24 Hours

8 Sessions x 3 hrs

Face-to-Face Sessions

At Feedback Studios in Dokki

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Full Course

24 hrs

8 sessions
    • Studio equipment, audio production & home studio setup
      Ali El-Saied, Cofounder of Feedback Studios
    • Documentaries & radio presenting on air
      Ahmed Ismail, Radio Presenter
    • Dubbing & animation voice acting
      Mawaed Ismail, Director & Actor at Disney
    • Commercials & promos
      Mustafa El Ridi, Voice Over Artist
    • News & audio books
      Hidi Yousry, Voice Over Artist
    • English voice over
      Tiara Martinez, Voice Over Artist
    • Recording, editing & mixing
      Ali El-Saied, Cofounder of Feedback Studios
    • Final projects

In cooperation with Feedback Studios

Feedback is dedicated to developing the audio production field in Egypt and the Middle East providing its clients with full audio production services.

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