When you need to subtitle a movie, you'll find a limited number of companies capable of high quality and quick production. Adding translation to the equation will limit the number much more.

Subtitles can not be translated directly. Subtitles have a limited space on the screen and a much more limited time frame to be displayed! iTranslate can do this and that! Our professional understand that their primary task is localizing texts and conversations not only translate then. To acheive this, we assign translators who are familiar with dialects, local expressions and cultural idioms of both source and target materials.

We provide subtitle files in different formats compatible with, but not limited to, Apple, Adobe, Panasonic, Spurce, Sonic Systems, Sony. We can provide the subtitles 'hardsubbed' while maintaining the highest quality of the original movie. If you have any questions, contact your account manager for more information regarding DVD and BluRay Authoring Services.



 Captions are like subtitles with the difference of the targetted audience. Closed  or Open Captions are designed to describe signficant audio content, spoken and non-spoken voices, manner of speaking and the background music for the deaf and hard of hearing.

iTranslate knows that every channel or program has a policy of what to be or not to be displayed\cast. For this, iTranslate has made a pre-set of policies to suite most channels, programs and organizations. Our translators are able to strict their output to any set of policies you may have. Moreover, Subtitles and Captions can be customized with your choice from a wide range of fonts, sizes, text color, shadow color and outline color in addition to backgrounds and anti-aliasing. iTranslate can recommend a certain style based on your program.

 New technologies such as HD and online streaming are second nature to our subtitling translation team. Take delivery of your subtitles however you want: from DigiBeta or DVD to HD cam or QuickTime movies.

We also offer specialist services, including subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing people and subtitling for mobile devices.