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“Translators are simply the core component of our services. We deal them as such.”

As a translator, you'll convert written material from one or more 'source languages' into the 'target language', making sure that the translated version conveys the meaning of the original as clearly as possible. The target language is normally your mother tongue.

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  • Read given material and research industry-specific terminology

  • With in-depth knowledge of the both source and target languages, perform translation of written text from source language to target language, in various fields.

  • Refers to online translation tools for additional assistance with translation

  • Translate a variety of material, particularly formal legal, financial, economic, technical and engineering documentation, with attention to fact and nuance, so that the intent and tone of the original meaning is preserved.

  • Adheres to industry quality standards established by the Association of Translation Companies to ensure that all completed work follows legal and ethical obligations

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  • Bachelor's Degree,

  • Fluency in at Least Two Languages

  • Knowledge of Specific Subjects

  • Accuracy and Attention to Detail

  • Software Proficiency

  • Ability to Meet Deadlines

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  • Working under pressure

  • Working in multiple and new translation fields

What's great in the job?

  • Diversity of fields will provide you with something new to learn about every day

  • Learning experience that extends beyond linguistic-only education

  • Constant feedback for faster career development

  • Achieving higher income with increased productivity

  • Friendly ambience and attitude