Technical & Mechanical

technical mechanicalWe specialize technical translation of documents of any format, volume and complexity between English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and all major languages. Our translations are consistently impeccable thanks to our talented translators and rigorous quality control.

At iTranslate, we collaborate with highly skilled professional translators who are also specialists in one or several technical fields and are capable of delivering to you a high-quality impeccable translation. We understand that delivering high-quality translation of technical documents implies great responsibility, therefore for these jobs we select only the best and most highly-qualified specialists.

We are ready to translate any volume of material that you require and we guarantee a high standard. For your peace of mind, we can translate a short sample (about 200-300 words), and assign the translation task to the same translator who translated the sample.

Here is a Sample of Technical Texts We Translate:

  • User manuals and guides for various devices and appliances
  • Software help files
  • Assembly instructions
  • Specifications
  • Drawings
  • Certificates
  • Patents


Technical translation is in high demand in today's world economy. Technologies are constantly evolving, leading to more efficient, less "energivorous" and less costly processes. Keeping abreast of technological progress requires that countries open up to new dialogues, and that professionals exchange innovations and the latest technological developments. Collaboration between scientists and engineers speaking different languages has made it indispensable in the translation business.

This type of translation is a highly challenging and complex task. The basic requirements for it are absolute precision in the terminology, high readability and complete equivalence of the original and translated texts. This task should be assigned to very skilled and experienced translators. Correction of careless translation and mistakes in the translation can be extremely costly.

Requirements for Technical Translators

When you read a specialized scientific work or a trade magazine, you may not realize how much effort and knowledge is required on the part of a technical translator to be able to translate a technical text. Due to its specific character, this type of translation may require deep knowledge and sometimes practical experience in the sphere of technology, which can be beyond the power of many people. Therefore, specialists working in this field not only possess supreme linguistic skills in the two languages, but also are specialists in one or several fields. However, not every translator specializing in the translation of oil and gas topics will be able to translate automotive texts just as efficiently.