iTranslate was built over a principle of uncompromisable quality. Error-free and beautifully drafted product of unsurpassed quality, produced by qualified linguists and experienced full-time quality managers, aided by technical solutions for timely deliveries, while maintaining low profit margins; will provide us competitive grounds in the market.

Well, it's true. Today, iTranslate is one of the fiercest competitors in the local translation and linguistic industry and market. Thanks to that principle and after all these years, we still provide you the same.

Certified Translation

Translate, stamp and notarize your personal, legal or official documents required by any governmental or official authority.

Got a document? 

What we can do for you?

25+ Languages

Including the 10 most spoken languages on earth. 
Full-time, local and native, translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP specialists, project managers, quality assurance specialists and others all at your service.

Industry Experience

You can't translate, what you can't understand. It is just that simple!
Our qualified personnel translate only in their areas of expertise, benefiting from and adding to our systemised translation memory and CAT tools.

Quality Product

ISO 17:100 certified translation quality process, utilizing a smart 7-phases cycle, making our product second to none.

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Price against Value

Competitive rates, archiving system and translation memory for your translations and actual understanding of your needs, will make sure your spent money becomes a long-term investment. 

Man VS Machine

Human mind against the power of the machine, a battle where the client is always the winner. Combining human experience with translation memory and CAT tools, will provide a quality product, consistency, timely deliveries and lower costs.

Partners, Hand in Hand..

We are your linguistic partner and spokesman. Through understanding your actual needs, whether those related to the industry or specialization, or your special requirements, tight deadlines... etc. Our full-time linguists, project managers and customer service personnel will serve you and meet your needs the best.