Desktop Publishing

Raw translated text is not enough! Any text must be formated and styled to maintain easy reading and better understanding by your targeted audience. Moreover, documents and marketing materials are not made of pure text only. There are pictures, sketches, illustrations, technical drawings and more in most types of materials. Before your customers read the

content you've presented, they notice visual features such as layout, color, and font. The materials you release to your customers have a lot to say about your company image, and image is everything with documents and publications.

With iTranslate 'Desktop Publishing Service', you can create; or recreate a localized version of your docuemts and even enhance their visual appeal. Revising something as simple as the font colors or layout of a document can make the difference in the level of attention and interest your publications receive. Our DTP service can also be applied to any document according to a pre-set formating guidelines.


Desktop Publishing Issues

Here are some of the issues in the translated publication that need to be addressed:

  • Pages must be reformatted to allow language expansion. If translation is done from the English language, the new text may be up to 30% longer and would need to be accommodated on the page while preserving the original page layout. Sometimes the font needs to be resized, or new pages added to accommodate extra text.
  • Images and graphics containing text must be translated and/or recreated
  • Table of contents and Index must be generated and verified for accuracy

We can provide flawless desktop publishing in any language, including double-byte Asian languages and right-to-left languages such as Hebrew or Arabic.

Our Capabilities

 We work in both PC and Macintosh platforms and can use the following graphic design applications for desktop publishing: