Whether you are having a meeting, planning an event, setting up a conference, or need help promoting and marketing your convention; iTranslate can provide all necessary services and personnel.  Let our experienced team of professionals provide you with the complete and reliable support and coordination services. 

Our team is completely dedicated to ensuring that your event is accomplished flawlessly and reaches its desired outcome. Egypt Event’s extensive experience is focused on providing a seamless and unique experience to each of our clients. 

Conference Management

At iTranslate, we offer superior management of conference logistics, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a few complementary services to support your conference team, or are looking for a full spectrum of conference management solutions, we will work with you to customize our services in order to match all of your conference or event needs. 

Conference management services including:

  • Creation of event identity

  • Planning of visual image and branding for the event

  • Designing and customizing the event identity to different branding themes

  • Suggesting and offering unique giveaways and conference kits ideas

  • Providing the on ground supporting teams (ushers and rescue teams)

  • Handling onsite registration

  • Planning the techniques to be used in the conference halls

  • Providing all equipment needed

  • Solving on site problems and handling sudden requirements of the client

  • Arranging Media coverage

  • Handling Hotel reservations and VIP arrivals

  • Preparing the event promos and documentation movies


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