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Nothing will get you further or faster towards your destination than practice. That’s simply our methodology at iTranslate Group.

There is no better teacher than doing it yourself. Interact with real life scenarios and documents, linguistic teams and tools. Join us now for hands-on experience and witness the full cycle first-hand. 

Mo’men Rawi
Co-founder & Head of Production
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We firmly believe that investing in the next generation of linguists and translators is crucial for the growth and advancement of our industry. Through our collaborations with esteemed universities, we have developed comprehensive training programs designed to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical industry experience.

Erica Wade
Business development Manager

Join Our 3-Months Internship Program

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We believe in the power of mentorship, and through our partnerships, we connect graduating students with seasoned professionals in the field of translation. These mentorship programs provide students with guidance, support, and invaluable advice as they embark on their professional journeys.

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Ultimate Translator Package

Get familiar with everything you need to be a great translator!

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Learn about the field holding the biggest share in the market!

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An essential asset to every smart translator nowadays.

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& Subtitling

Learn to translate video dialogues  into professional subtitles!

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Voice Over

Form your own voice character! Record & edit like a pro!

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Practical training within the most professional dubbing studios!

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UN Translation

Training on UN texts' translation techniques and strategies.

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